profil-saraPROJECT MANAGER & CHOREOGRAPHER Sara Andrén is a dancer and choreographer. She was educated at Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan in Stockholm and at École Superieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower, in France. She has danced with Cannes Jeune Ballet, Cie La Paranthèse, GöteborgsOperan and has participated in projects such as Springboard Danse Montreal. Sara has directed the dance film 60 Marbles Tunnel and is currently working with Stockholm Dansfilmfestival, as one of the founders.

profil-jacobENGINEER Jakob Andrén is studying engineering physics at Uppsala Universitet and has recently begun his exchange year for his master degree at Purdue University, in the United States. Jakob did his bachelor thesis in Kenya on holographic based microscopy for malaria detection.


cropped-CUBE_effect-e1453561377733.jpgDANCER Nicole Neidert graduated from Balettakademin in Stockholm, 2012. She has worked with choreographers such as Rickard Fredborg, Micke Strid, Christina Tingskog and Elina Elestrand. She is currently working with Peter Svenzon and his company Art of Spectra as well as creating her own work, “BASTANT”, together with Hanna Jansson.